Symptoms of BPH

Not everyone with BPH will have symptoms.

Men who do have symptoms usually notice changes in their patterns of urination. Problems can include:

  • difficulty starting a flow of urine ('hesitancy')
  • a need to strain when starting to urinate
  • a slow or dribbling flow of urine
  • a feeling that the bladder isn't empty despite having just urinated
  • having an urgent need to urinate ('urgency')
  • frequent urination during the day
  • frequent urination at night that interrupts sleep ('nocturia').

BPH is not the only cause for symptoms like these. Other conditions that affect the prostate, can lead to urinary problems.

Conditions that affect the kidney or bladder, as well as diseases such as diabetes, stroke and Parkinson's disease also have to be ruled out.

Make sure you see your Doctor if you notice any changes to your patterns of urination. Although BPH is a common cause, it's important to rule out other conditions.

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